Sunday, November 25, 2012

Adding Christmas Cheer

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends this year!  We ate way too much food, had way too much fun with our families, and laughed way too much during our Black Friday shopping extravaganza.  We go Black Friday shopping just to laugh at all the crazy people fighting over a cheap TV.  This year, we went with Mike and Carrie and were not disappointed.  I can't even put the craziness at Belk into words.  Just know that my stomach hurt Friday afternoon from all the giggles.

We had more fun decorating for Christmas this year than ever.  Being in a subdivision, where people will actually SEE my holiday decor, makes a huge difference.  Christmas has always been my most favorite time of year, but I never got into decorating my house much before we moved.  We just never had any visitors, and no one would see the lights or wreaths that were put up outside.  This year is a whole different story!

We haven't gone overboard with decorations--stockings on the mantle, various Christmas decor (mostly snowmen, because that's my thing) sitting around.  But I'm super proud of my tree this year.

Obviously, I have yet to master the perfect tree photo.  Ha!  I'm so lucky that when I mentioned that I didn't know how to do the ribbon on my tree, my mom and meme rushed over to assist!  

And since people can actually see my outdoor decorations this year, my mom made me the absolute cutest snowman wreath ever.

It's ok.  Be impressed.  She's super crafty lately!  

Justin also put up icicle lights around the outside and a spotlight on our door to showcase the wreath.  It makes me so happy to pull in and see all our decorations, and the girls absolutely love it!

Last, but not least, my most super easy (and recent favorite) way to decorate for the holidays is with free printable subway art.  I use the same frame and just change out the print for each season.  Here it is for Christmas.

It's a simple touch, but it makes me smile when I see it sitting on my kitchen counter.

Today I'm thankful for:
  • simple ways to add Christmas cheer to our home
  • the holiday season
  • two precious baby girls who I love with my whole heart
  • holiday coffee flavors from Starbucks!

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