Monday, October 8, 2012

Warrior Dash

Emily and I did the Warrior Dash in Warrior, Alabama this weekend.  It was SO much fun!! The second the starting gun went off, the rains fell down.  It poured the ENTIRE time we ran.  The good part was that everytime we got covered in mud, the rain washed it off :)

Here is a quick before photo, taken inside due to the torrential rain outside:

And here is the after.  Not muddy much, but definitely dripping wet.

Funny #1 from Warrior Dash-- made it back to the car (dripping wet, remember?), stripped and changed in the middle of the field, climbed into my Tahoe, turned the key, and "click".  That's it.  We had to hunt down some random stranger to jump us off and then we didn't dare stop on the way home!

Funny #2-- We were not able to take anything with us into the Warrior Dash, like cell phones or cameras.  After the race, Em spied a guy who had his cell phone out.  She asked him to take our picture and send it to her phone, which is nicely did.  Then he said "If you wanted my number, all you had to do was ask!"

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