Monday, September 24, 2012

Sweet Chaos

This time in our lives is very chaotic.  It's good, and it's fun, but it's still crazy chaotic.  In all the hustle and bustle of this crazy, chaotic life we are living, I am trying every way that I can to slow down and just be present with the girls.  Even if we are having deep, meaningful conversations in the car.  Or practicing writing our name (Libby) sitting at the soccer field.  I don't want this time to be lost, or to be remembered as a  big blur.

I want to remember:
  • Silly new house discussions.  K has requested yellow walls in her new room.  L wants shiny purple walls with glitter (oh my!).  On the way to school the other day, I pointed out the house as we drove past it.  When we pulled into school, K said "Mama! Was that, like, a minute?"  Compared to the drive we have now, it will be a breeze once we get moved!
  • Morning routines.  Right now, most mornings, both girls and I are up and getting ready at the same time.  The other morning, while the girls were downstairs "eating breakfast", I heard a game of Duck, Duck, Goose going on.  As I listened, Kyndall was "it" and I was wondering how fun this game could possibly be with just the two of them.  All of a sudden, Libby bursts out with "PICK ME!! PLEASE pick me!"  I mean, seriously, who else was she going to pick?
  •  Kyndall learning to sing the New Testament Books of the Bible. 
Can I just say that I am absolutely, heart-achingly in love with my life?  It is hectic and frazzly and chaotic and I wouldn't change a single, non-stop minute of it.  Thank you, God. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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