Friday, June 1, 2012

The Never-Ending Farm To-Do List

With summer in full swing, and me home to get things done around this place, I stopped to make a list of the major things I wanted to get accomplished.  Here they are, in no particular order:

1.  House.  In a perfect world, this would mean BUILD the house.  In my world, it just means finalizing the plans, talking to builders and bankers, etc.  All the things that have to be done in order for the actual building to begin.

2.  Trees.  Down with them.  Most of them, anyways. 

These trees are tall and skinny and just ugly and need to be gone.

These trees are ugly too, but they also block my view of a gorgeous pond.
3.  This fence.  Either it needs to be moved or it needs to be cleaned up.  This fence used to hold our goats, and since the goats have gone, the weeds have just taken over. 

4.  This is our newly constructed storm shelter that still lacks steps going down into the actual shelter.  If a tornado came today, we'd be jumping.  Steps, please.

5.  Move dirt pile that is left over from building storm shelter.  See #4.  This is self explanatory.

6.  This is our run-down chicken coop.  Not sure what needs to be done about it, but something.  Probably repainted and restocked with some hens and a few roosters.

7.  Driveway.  A lot needs to be done here.  Trees have to go (refer to #2) and then the ground needs to be tilled up and grass planted so that we can move the cows over into this pasture.

 **Whew.  A lot I know.  Good thing I have this hunky guy to help me with it all!!

 And just so I can end this post on a super positive note, here is a part of my home that I love.  My view out my kitchen window is just perfect as is.  See for yourself:

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