Wednesday, June 27, 2012


On Sunday, we went with a few of our favorite people to see the new movie, Brave.  It was super cute and had a great moral lesson--Don't be disrespecting your mama!! :)

These kids are so great at taking pictures--I guess they are somewhat used to it :)

Then, Sunday night, we started a new class at church for girls, grades K-4.  It's titled Girls of Grace, and we kicked it off with an old-fashioned tea party.  The girls dressed up and had a lesson on manners, biblical style.  I am so excited about this class!  Each week we will focus on a different topic--hands, feet, makeup--and explore biblical principles that go with that topic.  After a short lesson, the girls will have an activity to go with the topic.  For example, the lesson on hands could be about serving God and helping others, and the activity will be a mini-manicure.  Cool, huh?

The tea party went off without a hitch.  Below are a few photos:

Look who popped in all dressed up! My friend Lisa.

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