Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I was going through my computer earlier, cleaning out files and organizing photos, and I came across a document I had saved when I thought I was going to start a blog.  It was almost a year ago, but I couldn't bear to delete it, so I'm posting it here.  It is complete randomness, set back in August, right before K started Kindergarten.  I think it was supposed to be two seperate posts, but I'm just copying and pasting here:

So our day started with a trip to the doctor for the girls’ annual check-ups.  Did you know that 5 year olds have to get 3 shots?  3? K was so pitiful!! She begged pretty please, but that mean ol’ nurse just kept sticking my poor baby.  Other than that, the check-ups were good—I have two healthy girls.  As soon as we left the doc’s office, we headed straight to the Johnson’s pool, where K’s best friend Harrison could take care of her.  Within seconds of being there (after sharing her horror story of course), she had forgotten all about those awful things! And when we got in the car, K asked if she could tell me something.  Wanna know what she told me? I’ll tell you what she told me.  It went something like this:

Kyndall: Harrison asked me to be his girlfriend.

Mama:  And what did you tell him?

Kyndall: Yes.

Mama:  Well that’s good.  As long as you two are sweet to each other, I guess you can be boyfriend and girlfriend.  (What I wanted to say: YOU CAN’T TELL HIM YES YOU ARE ONLY FIVE YEARS OLD!)

Last night, Heather, from Create Portraiture, came to the house to take pictures.  She posed the girls with the June and Taco (the miniature pony and donkey) and the big horses, and some with just the grasses in the background.  I can’t wait to see the final proofs cause that girl is amazing I tell you! She showed me a few on her camera as she was taking them and I was speechless—I’m going to have to dig deep into my savings for this one!

I love the sounds of a good storm as much as anybody, but when you are woken up by that loudmouth thunder at 2 am and that thunder keeps on rolling until around 9 am, things aren’t so great.  And this was the loudest thunder I have ever heard.  Seriously.  It rattled the windows and doors on my house and just about gave Oakley a heart attack.  God bless him, he might as well have been glued to my feet.

My plan for the day, if I can get myself going after being up since 2 am, is to go to school and work in my new place.  Now see, I’m not exactly sure how other areas of employment work, but I have to think that the school system just has a weird and wacky hiring system.  In normal careers, you interview with a boss and then he/she decides if you are the person they need.  If so, you receive a call in a day or so congratulating you on your new employment.  Not so in the school system.  You interview, the principal decides who he wants for the position, he then passes this recommendation on to the school board, who then have to vote on it at the next planned meeting before you can be employed.  So in other words, although I have known that I was being “recommended” for this new position for a good month or more now, I am still, as of today, not officially in that new position.  And I won’t be until after the board meeting on August 11.  So I’m going to school to work on sheer faith that I am going to get the position.  Noble of me you might say.  Not so much.  If I were to wait until after August 11 to go work, I would have to spend my entire weekend working at the school to have everything ready when kids come on the 15th.  Not my idea of a fun back-to-school weekend.

So I am bravely venturing out, in the midst of the storms that are still rolling through, to do a little work at my new place.  I’ll update later on what I get accomplished, but for now, wish me luck!

A few updates.  The first post is pretty self-explanatory.  Harrison is still one of Kyndall's very best friends.  The pictures from Create did turn out amazing, but are still sitting on my desk waiting to be framed.  Just keepin' it real for ya. 

Also, the mysterious position that I talked about in the second post was the library position.  I did get it, by the way, but you already know that if you read my blog.  And I love it.  Very much.  The end.

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