Friday, May 18, 2012

The plate of my Summer is just too full.

The summer countdown is on!! There are only 4 and 1/2 days of school left--I could not be more ready for this break! (Insert loud screaming and crazy dancing here).  That said, with the coming of summer, I always feel excited about my to-do list and I always make it too long.  You know, like this is the summer that I am finally going to catch up on a combined total of 5 years of scrapbooking.  And organize our entire house.  And do crazy fun, exciting, memory-making things with my girls at least once a week.  Plus, we already have several trips planned--twice to the beach and once for a little weekend trip over to Atlanta.  On top of all that, this summer, we are hopefully going to be getting ready to build a house. 

I say this because, as exciting as summer is, I tend to place too many tasks on my plate of summer.  And I usually look back at the start of the school year and think "Wow, where did my summer go?  I didn't accomplish anything!"  So my question is, how to fix this situation?  Do I set aside one day a week to spend at home, getting things accomplished?  More than one?  Spend my first entire week checking off my to-do list?  Design a Sheldon-like (any Big Bang Theory fans?) weekly schedule:  you know, Monday's are to-do list days, Tuesdays are pool days, Wednesdays are fun-things-for-the-girls days, etc.   Just kidding, that weekly schedule would never work for me.  I'm too fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants to follow a schedule. 

I think I will just post my Summer to-do list right on the fridge so that I will be reminded of it often.  That should help.... I'll go work on that right now.  Don't worry, I'll keep you updated!  Wish me luck =)

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