Monday, May 21, 2012

Canine Introductions

We have quite a few animal friends on our farm, but our dogs are the most loveable.  Introducing, in no special order:
Spot--the sweet, calm stray who wandered our way about a year ago and chose to stay for good.

Oakley--our baby before we had babies.  He's going on 8 years of age and is the only one lucky enough to get to come inside the house.

Bailey--one of our two extremely energetic lab mixes that Justin's parents got the girls for Christmas. 

Bama--Bailey's other half.  He got a little too close to Taco, our miniature donkey, and now sports a crooked jaw.
Maybe I'll get around to introducing a few of the other animals that call our farm home, but for now....that's all folks.

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