Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Break Away!

During Spring Break, we were able to venture down to the beach for a few days (8 days, total). We spent the first 5 days with the family and then they all headed back home and we met up with some of the girls that I work with and their kids. It was a super fun trip all around. K was ready to buy a beach house and live their forever. L wasn't so crazy about the place. She seemed to really miss her daddy after he left--crying every night when she talked to him. She couldn't wait to get back home--the whole drive home she kept asking how much farther, how much farther. When we finally got close, she grinned and yelled out "I'm coming daddy!!" She sure loves that man! :)
Waiting on our dinner!


The sis =)

Loving on the Madre

Loving on the Meme

My little bird whisperer!

Watch out Danika Patrick!

The SandWoman

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